What the $%^&*# is Dorkbot?

In the course of an evening’s conversation, I’ll invariably bring up the subject of Dorkbot. Whoever I’m talking to (if they’ve never heard of Dorkbot before) will giggle, then their face will take on a quizzical expression.

Me: “I’m a community organizer at Dorkbot Austin.”

Them: “What’s Dorkbot?”

Me: “It’s people doing strange things with electricity.”

Them: “Oh… Wait, what?”

Me: “Dorkbot is a science fair with beer, put on by grown-ups for people of all ages to attend.”

After that, I’ll give them information about our meeting style, about how Douglas Repetto at Columbia University held the first Dorkbot back in Y2K and tell them about all the cool stuff that’s been presented in the last couple of years. Like the Twitter Christmas Spirit Meter, Professor Conrad’s Giant Brain, The ATX Hackerspace MAME Cabinet, or a holy host of a hundred other projects. Dorkbot Austin is our electronics/hacker/artist/DIY community doing what it does best — making strange things with electricity.

Check the Dorkbot Austin site to see what we’re doing next. All our meetings are free and open to the public.

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