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MindPeace - For Children's Mental Health

MindPeace – Web Design layout in Photoshop

The MindPeace website is in the development phase. The client has signed off on the IA and home page design (shown above). My role was to translate the design consultation and IA/site map into a wireframe and then a usable home page design that could be broken up into templates & implemented in an open-source CMS. Wireframe constructed in Balsamiq. Site designed in Photoshop.

One of the best ways to learn to use a tool is to teach it to someone else. I’ve been using and teaching Photoshop as a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer since 2001.


ESI – Joomla Website Design & Development

Environmental Science Institute

The Environmental Science Institute at The University of Texas wanted a website refresh. I worked with them on their Information Architecture, site planning, wireframes, comps, content, interactivity, CMS, project management and publishing. Wireframes and site designed in Photoshop. Developed in Joomla with Coda & Transmit as code editor and FTP client.

My roles in this project: Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Developer, QA

Visit the ESI website