ESI – Joomla Website Design & Development

Environmental Science Institute

The Environmental Science Institute at The University of Texas wanted a website refresh. I worked with them on their Information Architecture, site planning, wireframes, comps, content, interactivity, CMS, project management and publishing. Wireframes and site designed in Photoshop. Developed in Joomla with Coda & Transmit as code editor and FTP client.

My roles in this project: Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Developer, QA

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Painted the bedroom and bath for AirBnB

I have a photographer coming on Friday to take pictures of the front bedroom and bathroom for I’ve already rented them for SXSW this year, but thought it would be a good idea to get professional pictures taken anyway, in case I want to rent them out later on in the year. This meant I had to paint and decorate both rooms after work each night this week. They’re looking pretty good now, and have inspired me to finish my bedroom and bath. Primer is such a boring color, especially after looking at it for 7 months.

View my listing on AirBnB. Jonathan Garza took some great photos of the place.

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