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Painted the bedroom and bath for AirBnB

I have a photographer coming on Friday to take pictures of the front bedroom and bathroom for I’ve already rented them for SXSW this year, but thought it would be a good idea to get professional pictures taken anyway, in case I want to rent them out later on in the year. This meant I had to paint and decorate both rooms after work each night this week. They’re looking pretty good now, and have inspired me to finish my bedroom and bath. Primer is such a boring color, especially after looking at it for 7 months.

View my listing on AirBnB. Jonathan Garza took some great photos of the place.

My road bike on top. My old roommate's bike on bottom. The 'loaner' bike's sneaking his way into the corner of the photo.

This is a hold-up!

Leaving bicycles outside means they’re more likely to rust, or in my case, get stolen. Thus, I have a serious aversion to storing my bicycles outside. So much so that they get a place of honor in the front bedroom at the Hovel. In my pre-Hovel days, I had a floor stand that held 2 bikes, which I purchased from back in 2008. The arms on the stand were adjustable and made it pretty easy to store the bikes indoors. Functional as it is, it’s just not very pretty.

This weekend we’re going to tackle making a wall-mount bicycle stand out of galvanized pipe, some mounting flanges and a couple of elbows. Some things I’m thinking about before starting this project:

  1. The width of the bike divided by 2. The horizontal pipe should be long enough to stick out an inch or two further than this width, in case I should decide to change to wider handlebars someday.
  2. The height of two bikes stacked on top of each other. I have another ‘loaner’ bicycle that I’m working on putting back together. Eventually that bike will need a place to live. Or if I have friends over who actually ride bicycles. Who knows? In Austin, it could happen.
  3. Would mounting 2 bikes on a wall like this be more or less efficient than hanging them vertically by a hook in the wall that hooks through the front tire? Would a vertical bike stand that hooks through the rim somehow warp it?
  4. I have a pipe cutter already, but I don’t know if it’s strong enough to cut through galvanized pipe.
  5. I don’t have a pipe threader yet. Fortunately, Harbor Freight carries both of these items.

This project shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete. I don’t have to find any studs in my wall since it’s all shiplap behind the sheetrock. Which means ALL of my walls are studded. Yay. Only thing to watch out for is the wiring when I’m drilling the pilot holes to mount the pipe flanges.

You’ll see what I mean when I’m finished with it.

Velvet upholstered chair from Macy's Furniture.

I have an obsession and it’s called ‘side chair’

So, if you had 2 cats with claws who have shredded the chair in the Travelodge in the month they’ve been there, which chair would you purchase for your Living Room? One is upholstered in velvet, the other is leather. Pretend like they are the same price.

There’s a poll in the right sidebar by the Search box to let me know in an anonymous, noncommittal way which one you prefer.

UPDATE: Velvet won by a landslide! The poll has been removed. Thanks to all who voiced their opinion.