Zero insulation up here right now. Just 2x6 joists, ship lap, and a bunch of wires and dust.

Peek into my attic

I’ve been using Service Magic to get leads on contractors for minor renovation projects. It’s  a good source for local contractors who know how to speak in complete sentences and understand the importance of following a budget and a timeline. My most recent request was for insulation and radiant barrier in my attic.

The thing I love about contacting people to do work like this is that I get to learn a lot about the service I’m requesting. Like, there are 3 standard types of blown-in insulation used in Texas: Rock Wool, Fiberglass and Cellulose.

Cellulose insulation is made of recycled newspaper bits. Although it’s the “greenest” option for blown-in insulation, it’s the choice most likely to be affected by water damage or rodents making nests in your attic.

Fiberglass blown-in insulation is different from the rolled fiberglass stuff I remember from our attic as a kid. Yeah, it’ll still stick in your finger if you touch it, and it’s still itchy, but it looks more like a pink winter wonderland now. This is the option I’ve selected for my attic.

Rock wool (or stone wool) is a type of insulation made from actual rocks and minerals. And since the guy I hired to insulate my attic didn’t offer rock wool, I didn’t take the time to learn any more about it than that. But here’s a picture anyway.

Blown-in insulation also comes in different “R” values, which just means the thicker it’s installed, the more resistant it will be to letting heat through and into your home. Wikipedia has more to say about that R values.

On top of the blown-in fiberglass insulation, I’m also getting a radiant barrier installed to help keep the radiant heat out of my attic to begin with. Radiant barrier will be installed next week. Insulation will come  sometime in June after I install my attic stairway and raised platform flooring for storage. I have no closets, you know….

Here’s what my attic looks like right now.

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