The Eastside Hovel plaque from the Netherlands

AirBnB Brings the Best Guests

I decided I would start take advantage of owning a home and posted my front bedroom for rent on for the 10 days of SXSW. I had the room rented for all 10 days within 24 hours of posting it, even without photos!

The people who stayed here during the event were kind, courteous, intelligent folks. And I thought that I’d just remove the listing and cancel my account after SXSW was over, but then a gentleman contacted me from the Netherlands to inquire about staying at the Hovel for nine days. Well, I talked to him on the phone and he was so nice, I just couldn’t say no.

After I accepted his reservation, I had a flood of other folks contacting me to see if the Hovel was available. A couple from Australia, a gentleman from South Africa, and another lovely couple from San Francisco all stayed at the Hovel. By the time their visits were over, they were all so sweet and had left thank you cards for me and other gifts to say goodbye. My new friend from the Netherlands, though, did something a little different. He had a gift for me as soon as he arrived — a plaque that says, “The Eastside Hovel, Established 2010″.

Now if you’re one of my three regular readers, you’ll know this plaque is something special. I’d talked about it in a post from last year, mostly a passing fancy at the time, but definitely something that was on my ‘eventually’ list. Well, eventually no more. Here it is. Thanks, friend!

I think I’ll mount it on a block of wood and hang it next to the front door.

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