This is the old front door. It is upside down in this photo. Just turn your head 180 degrees and you'll see what it looks like right side up. The door is crooked. I think it shifted under its own weight from all the glass in it.

Selling old doors and windows on Austin Craigslist

I have a pile of 19 windows and a few different styles of solid wood doors in my back yard. I’ll be listing them on Austin Craigslist soon. I was thinking of $5 per window and maybe $20 each for the doors. The ultra-skinny one used to be the bathroom closet door. It’s adorable. The one with all the tiny windows on it used to be the front door. It’s fantastic, but crooked. I guess if you knew a thing or two about woodworking, you’d be able to straighten it out with no problem.

If you are interested in the doors or windows, contact me and I’ll provide measurements. You have to come and haul them away yourself. I cannot help you load them onto your vehicle, nor can I deliver them for you. Also, I’d like to sell all 19 windows at once. I’ll give you a deal on the lot of them if you want them all.

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